Lake Tahoe

Our last few days in California with Tim we were in Lake Tahoe. They also had had record snow levels. Driving around town near Heavenly Ski Resort, there entire buildings we couldn’t even see due to the huge snowdrifts. Driving down the roads were eerie with high, high banks of snow on either side. There was a Denny’s restaurant that had part of the roof caved in due to the heavy snow. It was one of several buildings with damage from heavy snow. We were there for 2 full days and Tim and Rich skied both days. I took photos around the Lake, when able. A big storm blew in during the afternoon of the first day and we got maybe 7-9 inches in town with double that on the mountains. I got a photo of the thunderhead moving in over the lake. It was crazy how fast it moved! The wind was blowing so hard that they closed the lifts and they had to come down early. They were fine with that because they couldn’t really see anything with all the blowing snow. The next day was better skiing and they had a good time. We drove back to Palo Alto the morning we were flying home and Tim gave us a tour of his workplace: Stanford University’s training centers. It was really interesting and to say we were impressed with what he does is an understatement. We are incredibly proud of him! We can’t wait to see what his next chapter will be!

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