We are Under Contract!

We leave Sunday very early to go to Montana for a quick visit. It was supposed to be a house hunting visit but while I was in Houston, we made an offer (second time) and they accepted. We had had this house on our radar for several months. We made an offer back in January, but it didn’t work out. It did this time. We will be living in a wooded area about 10 minutes from Columbia Falls. (population 5,500). The nearest big city is Kalispell, which is 25 minute drive away and has about 25,000 people. The West entrance to Glacier National Park is 22 minutes away and Whitefish mountain resort (the ski slopes) are 35 minutes away. We are so very very excited to move there. So instead of househunting this short trip up, we will be touring our prospective new home and getting the lay of the land. The house is about 5 minutes away from our 10 acres of land. That is for sale, and we hope that now that the sun is shining and there is some snow melting, we’ll soon have a buyer for that. The house has plenty of bedrooms for visitors, and a beautiful room that I call “the cathedral room”. It has cathedral ceilings and windows all along the sides with a stone fireplace at the end. The house is on a little less than 2 acres and even though it has a beautiful front and back yard, there are a LOT of mature trees around us so it seems very secluded. There are peekaboo mountain views, but if you take a short walk, the trees open up and the mountains are looming right there. We are very excited and we have been trying to get our moving plan together. The moving truck is ours on June 12th. We hope to start loading that day and leave within a day or two after that to head to Montana.

I have really been excited about moving to Montana for the nearly 4 years since we decided to take the plunge and move there. I will miss a lot about Nebraska…especially the people. However, the tree we were gifted after Joe’s death will be hard to leave behind. We already have plans to plant another at the new house….but Joe’s tree started blooming this week. I have shared a few photos of that with you.

4 thoughts on “We are Under Contract!

  1. Very excited for you guys as you prepare for this big move. I imagine it is so very emotional in many ways. We are following your footsteps! Michael retires June 9 and we have 10 acres in Idaho! I have no idea when we will be able to actually get there nor what that will look like. So many moving parts. My heart and mind are all over the place! But one thing we have planned is three months in Norway to Minister at NSBC in the fall! After that, who knows? But if we drive West, we will definitely stop and visit❤️


  2. Woot!!! That house sounds amazing! Joe’s tree will bless the new owners in Nebraska. Love to you!🤟🌸


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