Tulip Festival

After a long day at KCAI with Lily, we started our drive home. It is a little over 3 hours of driving. Michelle clued us in on a tulip festival that was taking place at Fun Farm Pumpkin Patch in Kearney, Missouri. The farmer said that they had had snow flurries that morning. Rich had texted me while we were in KC and said it had been snowing in Omaha. It was late afternoon and even though this place is geared towards families with younger children, Lily and I had a blast walking around the farm. They have over 40 varieties of tulips over 22 acres. They claim to have 1.6 million tulip bulbs and I believe them! It wasn’t too far out of the way back to Omaha and we traveled through some beautiful countryside. I was pretty chilly….40 degrees and a pretty brisk wind that brought the temps even lower. But it was Earth Day and Lily and I walked around the whole place, taking in the farm animals, the collection of antique tractors, the windmill and the acres of tulips, and their country store in a beautiful red barn. They will have strawberries in mid-May, so if you are close, I highly recommend looking them up! If you have little kiddos….they are in for a treat. Lots of playing areas for them. Of course, the fall is their sweet spot with pumpkins and apples. If they do even half of what they do for the tulips, I would mark my calendar to stop by! Here are a few photos of our couple of hours spent freezing our patooties off in the tulip fields. I also included the clouds with sunrays that I had to pull over and photograph as we were traveling the countryside to get back to the highway to head to Omaha.

3 thoughts on “Tulip Festival

  1. Wow, your photos are always amazing, like they belong on a postcard or in a book! I looked this place up and would love to go there. Thank you for sharing!


  2. Beautiful flowers! Sounds like a really fun place to visit! Might have to try it. Thanks for the beautiful pictures, as always!


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