Thanksgiving Shenanigans 2021

Rich and our four kids flew down on Wednesday morning to spend Thanksgiving with my parents. Lily is the reigning Settlers of Catan winner….Tim is STILL the reigning Monopoly king, although Lily gave him a run for his money…literally. There was A LOT of food and all of it was delicious. My parents are used to a quiet existence with just the two of them and the six of us and my dog invaded their space and made it a bit louder than normal. They are still standing and still smiling. We lamented over the Huskers losing…both in football and volleyball. (it was a rough day on Friday for UNL teams). We spent about an hour and a half taking family photos around their area. Rich and the kids are all safely at their respective homes now. I spent the afternoon sifting through these photos to share.

My favorite outtake of the day….

4 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Shenanigans 2021

  1. The pictures are all beautiful but I especially like the one with you and Rich with you standing behind him. Your smile says it all


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