Home Again!

Whilst the rest of the family flew out to their respective cities on Saturday morning, Tallinn and I stayed until Sunday at noon. My mom and dad have a smaller place now so all 8 of us couldn’t fit under one roof. My brother, Craig and his wife, Mayra, and son, Alex, were away on a Thanksgiving cruise they purchased pre-COVID (and had been delayed several times). They live 10 minutes away from our folks’ house, so they allowed the kids to stay there. So Saturday my mom and I spent the morning washing sheets and towels and replacing them all in Craig and Mayra’s house. They came home that afternoon and we were able to go out to eat that night and spend a few hours together. I have always had a special connection with my brother so it was great to spend some time with them. Sunday brought church services and brunch with Craig, Mayra, Alex, and my parents before Tallinn and I hit the road. We left a little after noon and the traffic was HORRIBLE. No accidents, just a lot of people leaving the city to head back to wherever they came from. More than once, I thanked God that Rich was not on the drive with me, as 2.5 hours were added to my first day due to standstill traffic. After years of living and driving in Boston, Rich is not a fan of traffic. Understandable. Tallinn and I stopped in Moore, Oklahoma around 8:45 p.m. to visit with some good friends of ours from Norway: Nick and Kana Mauldin. Wow, it was so great to catch up with them…even if it was only for an hour or so in their car! We will make it a longer visit soon, I hope! We made it as far as Wichita, Kansas the first day…finally stopping at half past midnight. Tallinn and I both just crashed hard and then left around 9 a.m. to get home in time to pick up Lily from school on Monday.

I, again, got a few photos in…mostly in southern Nebraska. The weather was beautiful and we came back a different way than we came. Sheila, my Aussie-accented GPS guide, didn’t seem to think I could do 3 point turns on country roads, so when I went off on a tangent to chase an old barn to photograph, or a crop dusting plane, she had me do big “around the country block” moves that led me to some even better views of random rural stuff. I have put a few photos below of what we saw. The cows were free range feeding in corn fields and were resting comfortably – even when I pulled up right next to them to take photos. Then my killer Australian Cattle Dog got his first view of a cow (from his crate in the car) and went bananas. The cows were on their feet and backing up in a flash. Ah well.

I now find myself playing catch up again now that I am back home. I have slid back into my routine of YMCA classes, and carpooling Lily and her friend to school. Laundry is going as well as lasagna for a dinner tonight for our last LiveStrong gathering. I will miss these strong, warrior queens. I am working on Christmas stuff – wrote our Christmas letter and now need to tweak it a bit before printing. I ordered our Christmas photos and can’t wait to see the finished product as I am using a new printing company that comes highly recommended from more professional photographers. Gotta be better than Walgreens 1 hr photo, I am thinking! AND….I also ordered prints for a friend who asked me for some autographed prints of my photos. Gotta say, I was pretty humbled by that! Amy Tamkus, your prints are being printed!

3 thoughts on “Home Again!

  1. You have such a big loving family and I’m glad you got to spend time with them! I had to chuckle about Rich and traffic. Tom is the same way. He won’t even wait in line for food at a church pot luck! What is the name of your new printing company? You are so busy! I need to get my Christmas photos done. Happy Advent to the Messinas!πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ


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