Road Trip!

Tallinn and I drove do

wn to Houston the Friday before Thanksgiving to spend a week or so with my parents. The rest of the fam showed up later on to join us. I just followed the directions that the GPS (I call her Sheila since she has an Australian accent) sent me on….which was rural highways throughout most of Nebraska and Kansas then into Oklahoma. My trusty companion, Tallinn, did not complain once when I stopped to take photos of old barns and new windmills or little country churches. So I stopped often! He seemed to be content to listen to the audio books that I chose for the trip as well. He was the perfect travel partner. Although….at the hotel we stopped at in Denton, Texas, he went in the elevator once. Once. He did NOT like it and would not go back in again. So, we huffed it up and down 3 floors with bags. Here are some photos from our trip down to Houston last week starting with a gorgeous sunrise in Omaha and ending with a striking sunset in Norman, Oklahoma!

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