Fall in Nebraska

This fall has been LOOOONG…which is awesome, because it is my favorite season in Nebraska. The weather has vacillated between warmer and then downright cold….and the trees have had vibrant colors for a longer time and the colors have been so much brighter. I think God was trying to give me the opportunity to get some good photos of my favorite season this year. Lily and I went to OPPD Arboretum to take some photos. I then went on my own to Platte River State Park. There I climbed the huge tower to look out over the river and the trees. I missed a lot of the great colors but there was some left. I then got to pet the horses. I had the whole place to myself. On my out there, I stopped at Louisville State Park. The rain and wind hadn’t started yet (got caught in it in Platte River State Park) and the lakes were so still and were reflecting the trees around them….it was just so pretty.

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