My Oldest Son, Joe

My oldest son, Joe Messina, had his 27th birthday this past Saturday, November 13th. I had a good reason for not getting his birthday on this blog….I was spending it with him! Michelle, his wife, was in a wedding here in Omaha on Saturday. He had to come up on Saturday when we got off of his fire fighting shift at his department. I got to take him out to lunch at Shirley’s Diner (and watch him eat a breakfast burrito that was the size of his giant waterbottle – no exaggeration!), and watch him open his presents. His sister was teasing him about being old….27!….and I concurred after he was so excited about getting a leaf blower for his birthday! LOL! He told me he was a homeowner now with a big yard and this was perfect! Lily made and decorated a cake in her culinary arts II class this past week, so it was perfect timing for Joe’s cake, which he took with him when they left on Sunday morning.

Joe has always been a smiling person…he swear he was born smiling. I was petrified when he went to basic training….I figured he wouldn’t be able to stop smiling and would get in trouble. He made it through…smiling. He has grown into a man that I am so very proud of. He works hard, plays hard, and loves his wife, Michelle, with all his heart. Life is always brighter when Joe is around. I am so blessed to be his mother and known that he has something of me pumping through his veins. I am so proud of him and love him to pieces!

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