Alpacas are Just the Cutest!!

A couple of weeks ago, an alpaca-loving friend of mine, Kathy, got a group of gals together to head out to the countryside to visit an alpaca farm. Evidently it was alpaca weekend, so there was quite a to-do about the whole thing. I took a ton of photos. The owners are wonderful and sell alpaca fur (more like fuzz) made items. I got Lily a teddy bear that feels like a cloud. I also got a few ornaments for Christmas made by a lady I met there. We met the girls…then the guys….then the studs. We fed them carrots and got to walk in the pens and pet them. Their farm is only 30 minutes from Omaha and yet it is hilly and spacious and just gorgeous….although I wouldn’t want their driveway in the winter! The farm is up on a hill. The wee little white cria (baby alpaca -see….you have already learned something!) with the eye patch wasn’t doing so well…stumbled and fell while we were there. It was absolutely adorable, but had an eye infection that ended up in sepsis. So this is a tiny tribute to this little guy who was not long on this earth but was adored by many.

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