Kansas Sunflowers

I mentioned about a month ago, right prior to Labor Day weekend, I traveled three hours down to Lawrence, Kansas to see a sunflower farm I had been reading about for 3 years. At some point you just have to go. I got there during the daylight hours and stayed until the sun set fully. I was the last person out of the field. Anyhow, I have finally sifted through the photos and done the post processing. I was there alone in a sunflower field for almost 2 hours so I took a lot of photos! Anyways, as fall starts to fade a bit, here are some of my favorites!

One thought on “Kansas Sunflowers

  1. absolutely breath-taking!! I love all the pics!! the colors are so rich and vibrant! I love the way the sunflowers are lined up as if in a parade! And the individual shots, the closeups, the fields – they are all magnificent!! Thanks for sharing!!!


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