Two Year Crapaversary!!

Okay, it was yesterday, but I have been busy! October 11th, 2019, I had that fateful ER visit that changed my life forever, finding out I had masses throughout my body. I knew it was bad then…it wasn’t until a month later I found out it was Leiomyosarcoma…and still a month after that that it was stage IV. But, I have picked October 11th as the crapaversary date.

So much has happened since then….surgeries….biopsies….outpatient procedures….two different kinds of chemotherapies over 16 months….a trip to the Mayo clinic….countless CT scans, PET scans, and MRIs….dozens of appointments with doctors and specialists and nurse practitioners. All in all, with a Google MD life expectancy of 2-4 years, I am doing pretty well at the 2 year fighting point. My doctors believe that the “benign” tumor removed from my uterus during my hysterectomy in 2015 had LMS in it. It was just such a large tumor that they didn’t thinly slice all of it. So I may have had this for years longer….but have been aware and fighting it for 2 years. Either way, I am feeling pretty good. I have gone back to the gym and have been working out like a normal person, thanks to the pushing and prodding of the YMCA LiveStrong program for cancer survivors and thrivers. I actually took 8 classes at the Y last week! I spent my crapaversary traveling 3 hours down to Kansas City, Kansas at 0600 with Rich in our truck and trailer to move Joe and Michelle’s furniture to their new home in Lee’s Summit. That took about 5 hours…all of it in the rain…then we drove 3 hours home in time for me to make my 6 p.m. LiveStrong class. I helped schlepp boxes and chairs and bins, etc up and down stairs. I was a hot, sweaty mess, but I was able to be there and able to give a helping hand, which was a big morale booster for me. I was so happy to be able to be there to help out, even if it was in a small way.

So yes, I am still on the right side of the dirt and this is my crapaversary photo I put up last year and thought I would adopt it from here on out for as long as I can use it. Thanks to everyone for their support, prayers, and love. I feel it and am sending back my own love to you!

5 thoughts on “Two Year Crapaversary!!

  1. Oh, Cindy, congratulations on the two-year mark! You are such a trooper and joy filled as you travel the road on this treacherous journey! How can one be afraid of jagged rocks and valleys after seeing your skill at climbing! Love you and my prayers are there.


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