So Far, So Good!

I know it has been awhile since I have posted. I have been doing really well so far on the aromatase inhibitors. No nasty side effects other than joint and muscle pain, and that is manageable. Yay! Now let us pray that it is actually working! My hands and feet are still a mess, but I am hoping as time goes by, they will continue to heal and feel better as I no longer have chemotherapy agents being added to my system.

I have spent the week doing photography stuff and also doing a lot of work as we are leaving on a road trip later today. South Dakota, Montana, and Wyoming, here we come! Just a lot to do in advance at work, especially during tax season!

I got a huge surprise a couple of days ago. I got a phone call from Julia (Palma) Law! We lived in Norway at the same time and her son played basketball with Joe. She has been overseas this whole time and we have stayed in touch via Facebook, but it was so wonderful to hear that southern twang on the other end of the phone. Julia and I went to high school at the same time in rival high schools in Louisiana. Small world! Anyhow, we were able to chat for about an hour and get caught up with each others’ lives. Hopefully we can actually meet up as she is now stateside and also in the Midwest. I am also continuing to get cards from Lois and Jim Doyle…neighbors from my Northern Virginia high school days. I can’t express how much their support has meant to me. MeiLing sends me these awesome postcards made from photos she takes from walks near her home in San Diego. They are so beautiful and almost make me feel if I am there on a walk with her! Speaking of which, I need to do that…go for a walk before we get in the car later today. I am sure Tallinn will appreciate it as well! I hope to be able to post along the way…but if not, I will have photos for when I return!

7 thoughts on “So Far, So Good!

  1. So glad to hear that all is going good so far with your health. Enjoy your road trip!! Looking forward to photos.


  2. Glad that the side effects are minimal and praying that the chemo side effects subside quickly! May you and the family have a marvelous time points north and west. You continue to amaze me with your energy and your capacity to make and keep lively friendships. Wow!


  3. Have a wonderful time sweet girl. I will call you when you get backSent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone


  4. So glad your side effects are minimal (and of course you are handling them like the warrior you are!)
    Enjoy your roadtrip! Looking forward to those gorgeous mountain pictures!


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