The Dignity Statue in Chamberlain, SD

Okay, I am really playing catch up. I know I haven’t been blogging for nearly a month, but a lot has been going on and I just really wanted to take it all in first….enjoy the moment…then come back and blog it. So for those whom have reached out worried that I am ill, I am not – just been busy. I will try and post quite a bit tonight to catch up and you will see what I mean. First set of photos are from a rest stop. Yes, a rest stop, in Chamberlain, SD. My friend Michelle Krueger had been there recently and posted photos and I had read about the statue before online, so felt we had to incorporate it into our trip somehow. We ended up picking up Lily from school on a Friday and taking off from there, so we spent the night in Chamberlain. I was hoping to get sunrise photos (because they would have been SOOO cool) but the weather did not cooperate one bit that day. There is something to be said about overcast skies as well though. This statue is very big. I have included some photos with people in it so you can see the height of it.

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