It’s a Fabulous Friday!

Why, do you ask? Well let me count the ways! First off, it is the Feast of St. Joseph…on a Friday…and not only are we celebrating this great saint today, but Pope Francis has us celebrating him all year long! We Catholics have the option of eating meat today because of the celebration. Just an added bonus.

I started my advanced photography class this week and today I was able to go to Platte River State Park to take waterfall photos. I went at 0800, so it was chilly (24 degrees F) which was good because the mud from all the rain this week was frozen. There was plenty of water in the waterfall…and I was all by myself. I also sat by a Lake (really a pond in my opinion) that was as still as glass. I sat down on the concrete boat launch by the lake and just enjoyed the view and took several photos. A couple of geese swam by and then came right near me and exited the water and preened their feathers near me for awhile. They were about 15 feet from me. One of them was not happy when I stood up to get up and leave. Envision an angry goose hissing with an extended neck and getting ready to flap his wings at me. At least it wasn’t a swan. They are super mean and aggressive…and really big. Anyhow, that was somewhat entertaining when it stopped being terrifying. So I got some good photos and part of my assignment for lesson one done.

This afternoon I got a bone dexa scan at Bergan Mercy. They took x-rays of both of my hips and my lower spine for a baseline reading for bone density. That will be repeated every two years if I am staying on the aromatase inhibitors, as it is one of the three most common side effects. The other two are joint & muscle pain and then hot flashes. There is other side effects….a list as long as my arm, but they aren’t as common. Afterward, I was able to get my Lupron shot! Nora (my oncology nurse who usually gives me my chemo infusions) got to give me a shot in my right hip instead. A lot faster! So tonight I will take my first AI pill. I am not going to be on letrozole afterall…but anastrozole. There are three different versions of AI’s and that is one of them. Anyhow, we hope to travel a little bit, so I am hoping that just being on pills will be a little more freeing. I will still have those shots tying me to the hospital once a month, but hopefully it won’t be too bad. I should know in the next few days to weeks how my body will handle this new treatment. I am really looking forward to my hands and feet healing! So it has been a good day all around thus far! The sun is shining and it got up to 54 degrees F today. Tallinn and I laid down down on our back porch in the sun today, which we both basked in. So Happy Feast of St. Joseph! Have a glorious weekend everyone!

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