Happy Birthday to my Hubby!

I wanted to wish my husband, Rich Messina, a very happy birthday today! We have been together for over 30 years and have been married for 29 of those. Nothing about my life with Rich has ever been boring. We have raised 3 wonderful children together….had 6 dogs…lived in three countries and visited about 45 countries. We are two states short of seeing all 50 and have lived in lots of different regions of the country over the years. Although the military has consumed most of his career time, he has embraced his new passion of being a business owner and is doing exceedingly well. So here’s to the love of my life and the rock in my storm.

Cyndi & Rich Messina, Banff, Canada Summer 2019

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to my Hubby!

  1. Happy Happy Birthday, Rich! Your calm and gentle ways are so re-assuring! I am blessed and honored
    to know you and your family, and wish the happiest day possible!!!!


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