21 Gun Salute to a Cancer Warrior

When I heard today that Alex Trebek had died from his cancer, I was devastated. He was diagnosed just about 6 months before me….and he was diagnosed with Stage IV cancer with a grim outlook. Sounds kind of familiar. He was the face of a serious cancer in the public court of opinion. He was open and honest about how depression sometimes overtook him but how he was dedicated to continue fighting for his life because giving up wouldn’t be fair to God or to his wife. It all just hit so close to home. These are my thoughts…daily. It has been a rough week for me. I usually bounce back after week two and I just didn’t this week. My mouth is sore, my hands and feet are a mess from hand/foot syndrome, and I am just tired. This very well could be because of getting Doxil, Zometa, and a flu shot all at once. plus getting Doxil toxic again. Monday will be two weeks since my echocardiogram and no news at all. I am hoping that means everything is okay. Usually they would at least put this on my online patient portal…but nothing. I am having a difficult time seeing well with my contacts and so am wearing my glasses, which I can see just fine with. I don’t think I have the right prescription for my contacts. I have already been back once and my confidence in the doctor at the optometry shop I go to is waning. I haven’t worn glasses full time since the 1st grade. Just one more blow to my sense of being vain…I just don’t even recognize myself anymore. And now I hear that Alex Trebek has died.

Rich and I were privileged to meet Alex Trebek when we were stationed at Kadena AB, Okinawa, Japan. In March of 2006, the wing held a combat dining out. Everyone comes in BDU’s or another form of utilities and armed with water guns….the bigger the better. It gives everyone a chance to let down their hair a bit and have some fun. Alex Trebek was our guest visitor. He was travelling with the USO….and evidently had done so for several years without a lot of fanfare. He was generous enough to go along with the craziness of the combat dining out and all it’s traditions…including the grog. He also stood for over an hour with all of us to take pictures with each of us. Here is our picture from that night. Rest in peace, Alex Trebek, cancer warrior. I, along with many others, take up your fight in the battle.

4 thoughts on “21 Gun Salute to a Cancer Warrior

  1. Very cool that you got to meet Alex Trebek. I am a wee bit jealous.
    Sorry you have had a tough time this week. You will fight through this, I know. Love and prayers your way!


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