Another Year Mile Marker

A year ago today I had what should have been a big abdominal surgery to remove several pelvic tumors. All the scans done ahead of time led my surgeon to believe it could be done. Instead I woke up (still after a major abdominal surgery) but with the words “inoperable tumors” swirling around me.

Fast forward a year. I am still here. So are those pesky tumors. I have other tumors that were discovered in the weeks following that surgery. At this time last year, my life seemed to be quickly swirling out of control. Going from working out 5 days a week to being given a terminal diagnosis….it was all very surreal. But I mention again…I am still here. I am not as healthy as I want to be but I am more active than some people my age…or younger. I am fighting the good fight and trying not to let the chemo side effects drag me down. Would my spirits be higher if I wasn’t living in this COVID nightmare on top of this? Yes, definitely. I miss seeing people…I miss human touch and interaction. I miss travelling. I had a young man from Braasch heating and air looking at my furnace last week and it was such a thrill to meet a new person and interact with him! I had to force myself to stay in the kitchen and work on my pumpkin bread so I didn’t freak the poor guy out by lurking.

My icky week is ending and I am starting to feel better. Rich, Lily, Tallinn, and I went for a fantastic walk yesterday in Chalco along Wehrspann Lake. It was really nice and hardly anyone was there. I think Tallinn and I may mix it up some during the week and drive over there to walk.

I joined a discipleship workshop from my parish via zoom this past week. I wanted to share a couple of tidbits that were passed on my Fr. Michael Voithofer, missionary leader of ABLAZE…. “We are caught, not taught, in the Holy Spirit.” “God loves using sinners! His power can be demonstrated in us just as we are.” “Don’t be a couch potato Christian!” So on this All Saints Day, I wanted to spread those little nuggets that made me go “hmmmm” when I heard them! Have a beautiful week, and know that I am praying very hard for our country right now.

One thought on “Another Year Mile Marker

  1. So glad to hear you are feeling better from the chemo. I am praying for you and our country to both be strong. I also very much miss the personal interaction and hugging and most of all I miss seeing my kids and grandkids. It has been over a year now since I’ve seen them in person and hugged them. God bless and I pray for continued good health and well being for you, Cyndi. Love ya! Hugs!


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