The Wedding!!

Okay, so I have been playing catch up on everything…what with company for nearly 3 weeks…the wedding…chemo treatments and now just feeling kinda icky for this week….but I really wanted to put up a few photos from our time in Kansas City for the wedding. I am only going to speak for myself, but wow….I just really had a wonderful time! Definitely one of the top 5 days of my life. It was so nice to see our relatives come together to celebrate Joe and Michelle’s wedding. It was even more wonderful to see the compilation of friends they have made over their lifetimes who came together to share in their love. It was evident that they have surrounded themselves with good people throughout their lives and it was so fun to watch all the interactions.

We arrived Thursday evening and all met for dinner at some outside tables at a Kansas City BBQ joint…which is just what you have to do when you are in Kansas City…get some good BBQ. I got to hug my Joe….whom I hadn’t seen since mid-February. Man, I had missed him! During dinner I got a phone call from the restaurant the rehearsal dinner would be at 24 hours later….letting me know they had to close down the restaurant due to the staff having COVID. Luckily, they had a back up plan and all turned out well. The videographer called about 6 hours before the wedding with the stomach flu….she was quickly replaced by one of the groomsmen’s fiancé and a go pro, as well as a friend of Joe’s who is a videographer. So there were hiccups (besides the obvious 5 week wedding delay due to the bride and groom contracting COVID the week prior to their first wedding date). The hiccups were all taken in stride as they came and a great time was had by all.

This was my first goal…my biggy…to make it to this wedding and be able to dance with my son. We did…to my favorite song, “What a Wonderful World”. I had been in my high heels for hours already that day so I had already ditched those and was wearing socks, but it was all good. Michelle danced with her dad to “Lean on Me”. Joe’s two sets of grandparents won the anniversary dance with 106 years of marriage between the two couples, to which the young twenty-somethings in the crowd all gave them a standing ovation.

Joe and Michelle went to Colorado for their honeymoon for a week of hiking and seeing the sights. They are now back in Kansas City moving on with their lives as a married couple. I am so very happy for them and was so very blessed to be able to be there to celebrate with them. I will certainly cherish all the fun memories made that weekend. My husband and kids can clean up pretty good when they have the occasion to do so!

Oh…and the next goal is my 50th birthday on February 15th, 2021! Onto my birthday!

Joe & Michelle Messina’s first dance
The most beautiful bride I have ever seen!
Jackie & Vincent Messina (married 54 years) and Karen & Walt Neitzke (married 52 years)
Michelle Messina dances with her dad, Kevin Schneidler
Going to get married….my favorite photo of the two of them!
Photos were taken of the bride and groom before the wedding. This was their first look at each other in their wedding attire.
Mission accomplished…she amazed him.
What a blessing!
Lily with the groom, her oldest brother, Joe
Love this boy so much!
Lily and her youngest older brother, Tim
Posing before the wedding with my Tim, who cleans up nice!
Rich and I held our own during the anniversary dance as well…with 29 years of marriage and going strong!

8 thoughts on “The Wedding!!

  1. What a beautiful wedding! Such lovely pictures! I am so happy that you made it to your first goal! Now onto the next, your 50th birthday. Oh to be 50 again! :).


  2. What a joyful celebration!!! I’m so happy for you I could burst!!! You look so happy and so beautiful!! Your dress is gorgeous! And Lily is enchanting!! What a happy family! I can feel the love! So so happy for you to be celebration together for their marriage!!! You reached your goal!!! Hurrah!! So tickled to see the pictures!


  3. Oh Cyndi, you look absolutely gorgeous and radiant! Those hiccups will always be party of the wedding memories! Lily is so beautiful, and the boys (including Rich) look so handsome. How awesome is that having two sets of grandparents at the wedding? … doesn’t happen very often. God’s blessings to the newlyweds!


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