CT Scans….and Results Early

Today I went and got my three month CT scans done of my chest, abdomen and pelvis. I decided to follow the advice of the nurse I saw last time in the radiology department and asked for them to access my port rather than try and start an IV. That is what it is there for, afterall…easy access and less pokes for me. They didn’t have the proper equipment and had to jerry-rig a huge needle coming out of my port. I am not certain the radiology nurse really knew what she was doing. Made me a little nervous. This port goes directly to the large blood vessel feeding into my heart. I think I shall see if I can swing by the cancer center and have them access my port for me prior to the scans in 3 months. Yikes. That being said, the scans themselves went well and went by quickly. The radiology department was packed. I went to another waiting area to stay away from the crowds, even though we were all masked and separated somewhat. I was called almost right away and done within 20 minutes. Trying to secure a 1.5 inch large bore needle out of my chest took longer than the scan itself, I think. (that is 3 times the size of the need they normally use) I hadn’t had anything but water since dinner the night before, so I got something to eat and headed home. I had been home about an hour when my doctor’s office called. He wanted to talk to me about the results of my CT scans. I have to admit my heart jumped into my throat because I had a zoom meeting set up for tomorrow to talk to him about the results. If he was calling me so soon, something must be wrong. So there is good news and bad news. Good news first, because it is good news. My tumors were all stable or showed some shrinkage. Yay! This is what I wanted! So this is good. The bad news, and the reason he needed to call me straight away was that I have a small blood clot in my left lung. He says these are not uncommon and are easy to treat. He called in a prescription of Eliquis for me (which Walgreens was out of, so I have to wait until tomorrow to pick it up). It is a new generation blood thinner which I will be on for 30 days. My doctor seems to think it will not cause any issues. However, I have to take it a bit more easy….try not to do anything that could cause me to bleed in anyway. So kickboxing is on hold. However, I think the speed bag should be fine! Anyhow, so that is the deal…I am relieved that all is going well with the tumors and the chemo. I think I could have had this blood clot for a few weeks now and it hasn’t slowed me down, so I would love to just treat it and be done with it! I have a wedding to dance at in 8 days! I kept asking my doctor about the meds he was putting me on and restrictions, side effects, etc. (I am a former nurse and I also like to know what is going into my body.) He just kept saying, “Don’t fall.” I finally told him I was planning on cutting a rug with my family on the dance floor at my son’s wedding next weekend and I would try my best not to fall! Don’t worry, I am not taking this lightly….this would have totally freaked me out a year ago. However, I will take it easy and listen to my body. But on to the wedding!!!

3 thoughts on “CT Scans….and Results Early

  1. That is indeed good news and you will be past this blood clot soon. Look forward to the wedding and show them how to dance and celebrate.


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