Other Options…

Well, it is the icky week…the week after chemo where I am tired, emotional, and feeling nauseated. I was able to take my five mile walk this morning but just couldn’t handle a kickboxing workout today. I didn’t have a good night’s sleep and that added to the tiredness of the day. I did get a phone call from my local oncologist’s nurse this afternoon. I had been pleading with my doctor to run a hormonal receptivity test on my tumor that was removed from my pelvis in Nov 2019. It was an uphill struggle to get him to run this very simple test that should have been done straight away. Anyhow, the test took all of 4 days to get completed. My tumor came back to be greater than 90% positive for estrogen receptors and greater than 70% for progesterone receptors. This means my cancer could be treated in other ways than just chemo if I needed a break or when it stops working. I could actually use hormonal therapy to combat the growth of my tumors. There are many LMS thrivers out there that have never been on chemo and have had stability on drugs that stifle the growth of the cancer through hormone blockers. Because my tumor is so highly receptive, there is a change that will work for me if I need it as well. It is just another weapon in my arsenal. It was a small balm in my day. I am unhappy that I am having to educate my own physician and fight so hard for these tests that should be commonplace. But tomorrow is another day, and even though I am feeling a bit green right now, I am going to go settle into bed with a book for awhile and hope that sleep comes more easily.

I am long overdue for some special thanks…and I don’t want to forget. Thank you so much to Fiona Macklon for the gorgeous flower arrangement! Thanks for remembering it was my 6th round of Doxil and what a big deal it was to get there! Thanks also to Kathy Martz, who send some yummy edible arrangements for the whole family to enjoy. I think I am going to try to recreate those chocolate covered apple slices. Wow! Also thank you to my Uncle Steve for the Christmas ornament. I am fighting my best fight right now and I appreciate you supporting me. Brekk Macpherson….my good friend and housemate in nursing school…thank you for the wonderful plaque. Both you and my Uncle Steve went along the same vein….cancer can change your life but there are a lot of things in your life that cancer CANNOT take from you. Thanks for reminding me of that when sometimes the days are darker than others.

Well, off to bed to try and continue to recover from the chemo a bit before the big shin dig in Kansas City (my son’s wedding) in 11 days. (Not that I am excited and counting or anything!)

4 thoughts on “Other Options…

  1. So glad that God gifted you with a mind that doesn’t stop when it appears your physician does… Next to God, you are your best advocate! I love the way you switch from the tough times to the bright times, in spite of your challenges! Only 11 days…. YIKES!!!!!!!


  2. Hormone therapy sounds interesting! I create hormone concoctions at work every day; now I’m wondering if any of the patients who use them are using them for a situation similar to yours. Something to ponder. 🙂


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