Happy 14th Adoption Day!

14 years ago a tiny little girl from Shangrao, Jiangxi, PRC officially became our daughter. Ling Guang Su was placed into our arms the day prior for the requisite 24 trial time at the hotel for compatibility. She was 20 months old, wearing 9 month clothing and scared to death of us and everything around her. She most quickly found common ground with her big brothers who blew bubbles and placed ball with her. She had her daddy wrapped around her finger pretty quickly as well. Since I was taking the place of her foster mom, I was not as much appreciated. (This is common but didn’t make it any easier.) Lily would cry and scream if I touched her Baba (her daddy). Since we hold hands everywhere we go, this was an issue. After several days of letting me do all of her caregiving activities, the wall began to crumble and we became a family. There were bonding issues for years and there may always will be due to her early life in China. However, today, 14 years ago, Ling Guang Su became officially Lily Su Grace Messina and her life was changes forever. Now we can’t imagine a day without her! I thank God for leading us to her through the help of so many people along the way. We lived in Okinawa at the time we adopted her and having the support of our families even though everything was being done so far away from them meant so much. I often think of her Chinese parents who gave her up for a better life…and whether or not she has a sibling or two in China or elsewhere that she may never know. All I know is that she has been daughter officially for 14 years today and I can’t be more thankful! Happy forever family day Lily!

Gotcha Day with the new family along with Director Ye (Ling orphanage in Shangrao) and her adopted daughter as well as an Ayi (Auntie) from the orphanage to help care for Lily on the 3 hour bus ride from Shangrao to Nanchang (the capital city of Jiangxi province)
She was petrified. It was just heartwrenching.

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