It’s the Little Things….

I did a little something yesterday….something that most of you take for granted. Last summer when Joe proposed to Michelle, I decided to grow out my pixie cut straight blonde hair to an all-one-length bob for the wedding 15 months later. Should have been an easy thing for me to do. However, cancer stepped in and chemo had me bald at the beginning of 2020. By the end of March, I was switching chemo regimens and the new chemo allowed my hair to grow back. It was no longer straight and blonde, but brown and curly. This was jarring for me as I walked by mirrors in my house. I have been wearing some kind of head covering since the turn of the year. Well, yesterday I got a hair cut. I went back to my old pixie haircut, which looks different with dark hair and curls. I have always been told that the difference between a good hair cut and a bad one is about 2 weeks. So I waited until I was in the 2 week zone from the wedding. I also got some advice and some mousse to control things a bit better. During the night, a cool front came through and now the weather is so much better. I still have to be cautious about being in the sun due to the chemo, but it was cloudy and cool this morning for my walk. I even slept a bit later and caught up on some steroid -stealing make-up sleep as well. I went out on my normal 5 mile walk with Tallinn completely hatless. It even confused him. He always knows that if I reach for my green Boston Red Sox hat, we are going for a walk. Anyhow, it is oddly freeing to get to go out of the house without covering my head. It was covered because it was bald for almost 4 months…then growing out and crazy unruly after that. Now I feel almost human again. I have scans planned for this Thursday with a zoom meeting with my local oncologist the next day for results. Hopefully it is still working. I am just getting back to “normal”. Here are some photos of the hair cut!

Curls on the floor…they look blonde because they curled up out of my baseball cap and got the sun on my walks.
A little short and a bit wonky….easily fixed at home and a two week growth period….but happy to be hatless!

6 thoughts on “It’s the Little Things….

  1. Hey, Cindy – that’s just great! You look great, and just in time! great to see that smiling face, even if just in a photograph. Keeping those prayers coming 🙂


  2. You look absolutely adorable… your new hairstyle is very becoming, but my favorite part is your beautiful smile! Only you have that contagious smile that instantly sends love and joy!


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