Doxil Round #6 Done!

Not a lot to write as I should be in bed sleeping…but the steroids have my mind up and running tonight. I had my 6th round of Doxil today. I will be getting CT scans of my chest, abdomen and pelvis next Thursday and then will have a zoom meeting for the results with my local oncologist. He will push my scans to the Mayo clinic and then I will also have a zoom meeting with my sarcoma specialist there at some point. I am hoping for overall shrinkage or stability. I could then stay on doxil for longer.

I convinced my doctor to finally do some tests on my tumor removed in Nov of 2019….tests that should have been automatically run in pathology after the surgery. I have been asking for the tests for months and I finally realized I wasn’t speaking his language. You know the infamous 5 love languages? Don’t get excited….I wasn’t speaking a love language to my oncologist. However, he is an older doctor and has the mentality of treating the pathology and not the patient. (at least that is the jist I have gotten from him). In the beginning of our relationship, he would print out pages and pages of medical studies for me to review on different kinds of chemotherapy treatments and their efficacies with LMS. So I printed out 4 studies about the kind of treatment I wanted to have available to me if these tests showed I qualified. He was pretty impressed and told his resident that if I were his resident, he would have been impressed and told me what a good job I did. The resident half rolled his eyes/half glared and me through his protective eyewear and mask at that comment. Good thing he’ll be gone and a new one will be there next time. Here’s to shrinkage or stability so I can know I can continue this protocol! I have gotten spoiled feeling normal 3 of the 4 weeks!

Leiomyosarcoma Warrior Princess in Purple today!

3 thoughts on “Doxil Round #6 Done!

  1. You are a Princess because you are a member of the Royal Family of Jesus Christ, the King! The best Royal Family!
    We continue to pray for you. Love your spirit!
    God’s blessings,
    Mary Feda


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