The Fort Worth Zoo

I have mentioned that I was on the road most of January I decided that on my drive down to Houston to see my brother and his family, and my parents, that I would take a few hours to do something just for me. I really enjoy going to the zoo, so I thought I would go to one in Fort Worth. That had me driving a little over 10 hours the first day and then an additional four hours after I spent 6 hours walking the zoo. We had been there before….maybe 25 years ago when the boys were really little. It was around May that time and all I remember was how hot it was. My little ginger boys had red hot faces the same color as their hair. I remember thinking that many of the animals were not out because of the extreme heat that day. This day in January of 2023 was different. I went on a weekday where my only competition was from young moms with strollers and wagons and a few retired couples enjoying the 77 degree day. Unlike the zoo in Omaha, many of the animals are outside in the winter due to the mild climate, so I really had a good time walking around and meeting a lot of the animal babies. One I fell in love with immediately was Bruno, a male gorilla baby born in November 2022. He is still only with mom and she won’t let anyone, including the zookeepers, near him. She is a good mom and I had a really fun time taking pictures of Bruno and his mom, Gracie. They also had a baby Asian elephant and a baby giraffe. Enjoy!

5 thoughts on “The Fort Worth Zoo

  1. Wow, every one of these photos is fantastic! You are so talented! Of course my mama’s heart loves the one of Bruno and his mama the best. I’m glad you got to go, and thank you for sharing!


  2. What fabulous pictures. I love going to the zoo. Seeing the baby gorilla and the baby elephant are just so cute. I really enjoyed the baby elephants here in Omaha. These pictures just started my day in such a beautiful way. Thank you for blessing my life Cyndi. You are a true miracle


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