Lily in the Fall

I have been trying to find some times and places within the Omaha area to take some photos of Lily for her senior photos. I usually hijack her on the afternoons she gets home from school early. This time we went to a bridge Tallinn and I walk over almost every day. The colors are starting to change and the weather cooled down (for our false fall….we still have 80 degree weather coming back before fall settles in for real here). Lily does NOT wear sweaters. She also does not wear turtlenecks. So a turtleneck sweater? Yeah, she was thrilled. However, it was chilly, so between bouts of complaining how itchy the sweater was, she was happy she wasn’t cold. We also stopped by the OPPD Arboretum. Lily loves to collect buckeye nuts from the Ohio Buckeye tree they have there. This was another bribe…I would help her look for buckeyes if she would let me take a few photos of her there as well. Lily was nearly 17 before she got her ears pierced. She never wore jewelry until she finally got earrings. However, her sister-in-law, Michelle, in a really touching and thoughtful gesture, gave Lily her big brother Joe’s senior class ring when she started her senior year. I found a longer silver chain for her to put it on. Joe would be cheering her on this year, so this was her nod to him that he is still by her side.

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