Photoshoot in an Iowa Orchard

Lily and I made a quick trip (it is about a two hour drive one-way) to Jefferson, Iowa to Deal’s Orchard. I saw that they had sunflowers and also zinnia fields. They have a lot of fun things for young kids to do, but we wanted to see the flowers. It was so pretty! Because of the dry, hot weather, they had apples, pumpkins, zinnias, corn, and sunflowers….all blooming pretty much as once…which is pretty unusual. Lily and I had a wonderful time wondering around for about an hour or so before we headed back home. Our first person we chatted with was the farmer of the orchard. He was really nice and was impressed that we drove all the way from Omaha. He wanted to know if we had ever heard of Vala’s….well, you would have to live under a rock in the Omaha Metro area to not have heard of Vala’s. We may have to go one last time before we move. It is a fall amazement park. Anyhow, the farmer realized we were only here to see the fields so only had them charge us for half price. We had such a great time walking around and taking pictures of the zinnias. Here are a few photos from our excursion.

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