Sunflowers in Kansas

Well, due to all the traveling, I missed the sunflower fields that I have been going to for the last several years here in Nebraska. But fear not! I knew of another field….a HUGE field down in Kansas that was open to the public. I drove 3 hours down there last year on my own and it just blew me away. I literally was driving on a dirt road, turned a corner and there were thousands of sunflowers waving in the breeze….a whole field of bright yellow just glowing from the earth. This time I took Lily. I have been taking photos of her in the sunflower fields every year for the last several years. This being her last year at home, possibly, and me needing a chance to try and get some senior photos done for her, I thought we could make the road trip. We arrived about 45 minutes before the sun began to set. I have to insert here that I was really really proud of Lily. She does not like bugs. She can spot one a country mile away. There were A LOT of bugs. She was really pretty good about getting into the middle of the field and letting me take photos. I am ALMOST disappointed that I didn’t get a photo of her wigging out over a bug being too close to her. Anyhow, I took a lot of photos and as we were leaving, we turned around and saw a full moon rising over the foggy field across the street. It was very striking and I couldn’t do it justice. It was a really pretty end to our excursion.

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