Sunsets and Clouds in September

Due to wildfires in the western part of the United States, we had a lot of smoke that blew over the Midwest. This allowed us to have spectacular sunrises and sunsets…with brilliant red colors reflecting through the smoke from the sun. Although we pray for the people affected by these wildfires and those fighting them, I wanted to share God’s beauty that gave us this amazing sunset a couple of weeks ago.

One thought on “Sunsets and Clouds in September

  1. You travel so much and take such wonderful vacations! Your photos are spectacular as always, and your voice, emotions and humor really come through in your excellent writing! I learn so much! I had to chuckle over Letterkenny. We loved traveling around Ireland and did it like you with the B&B’s. We haven’t been to Northern Ireland, though, and I didn’t know about the peace walls. We’ve only refueled in Iceland, so I loved all your descriptions there too. Thank you for sharing, love to you all!


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