Health Update

A few people have been shooting me emails or texts and asking about my health status. That was kind of the reason for this whole blog….was to be able to keep everyone updated on my health in one place…at one time. Joe’s death really side tracked that plan…my health news seems to have taken a very distant back seat to the grief our family is living through. However, since I have received news, I will pass it on. I can easily forget that there are those out there that actually wonder how MY health is, so here it goes.

I had scans and my big three month treatment on June 16th. On June 17th, I met via zoom with my local oncologist here in Omaha. He is flabbergasted this treatment regimen is working for me and has kept me stable for so long. So that was the answer to the CT scans…stability. This is good. We left for Florida and was gone for a week. Rich and I met with my Mayo Clinic sarcoma specialists while we were in Florida. That man must think I am never home. I only meet with him every three months, but this is the third time in a row I have been somewhere other than home. I have been in West Virginia, Texas, and now Florida. He does realize this means I am out and living my life to its fullest. He, too, is happy with my stability. My tumors have shrunk or stayed stable long enough that he suggest we go to only scanning every 4 months. What is one month, you ask? When you live your life and plan your life in increments of 3 months time….it is a gift. It is one less set of scans I have to do each year. With the tumor load that I carry around, it is really good news. So the next scans are in October. I won’t be sweating by then…it will be fall. I can live my life with reckless abandon until those results come in. So all in all, good news. I am not cured and never will be. I am still terminal…but I am currently stable and have been given a little respite because of that continued stability.

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