A Quick Trip to Montana

Rich and I went to Montana for a quick 4 day trip to talk to our builders, figure out where on the property our house will be (we got to stake out our house on our land which was made it a bit more real), met with the county noxious weed commissioner (she had no sense of humor whatsoever), and talk with a banker to work on financing our build. Even though it rained three of the four days we were there and the river was RAGING from the excess rain and fast snow melt…we had a great time and got a lot accomplished. We did get to spend a long afternoon in Glacier National Park. One of these times we are going to time our visit for when the full park is open. They were still working on clearing the several feet of snow along the Going-to-the-Sun Road. I think it is a pretty short window…July through Sept maybe. But that is where the bear grass and wild flowers are and the stunning views. However, we got to see some relatively stunning views down below as well…even if we were soaked with rain and covered in mud after the 4.5 mile hike. We actually saw a woman in her wedding dress (the bottom 6 inches was covered in mud) because they wanted to take wedding photos at Avalanche Lake. The rain stopped so I got a few photos without the rain drops. We also got to have dinner with a wonderful family I met as a secretary at Fort Crook Elementary. We can’t wait to be neighbors! Lilacs were blooming everywhere and we enjoyed 55 degree weather the whole time. Enjoy the photos…

why wouldn’t you want to live here?
Our view from our living room
a low rainbow

One thought on “A Quick Trip to Montana

  1. Unbelievably gorgeous! Who wouldn’t want to live here indeed! I love seeing the world through your lens and humor. I laughed out loud at your comment about the poor county noxious weed commissioner! Imagine going through life with no sense of humor whatsoever. Your animal photos in the last few posts are amazing too-all those tongues and those baby elephants are the cutest! We love watching them play and nurse! Tell Lily the puffins are some of my favorites too! Thank you for sharing, love to you all!


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