Branson Weekend – Miscellaneous

We didn’t spend a lot of time in town. As I said, it is very touristy. It was the off season and it still had quite a few people there. We ate in an old-fashioned diner where the waitstaff sang songs between delivering dishes and taking orders. That was the closest thing to a show we came to. There was a lot of good things said about the Brandson scenic railway….we spent a couple of hours on the train and saw mostly trees. That was kind of a bust – either that or we have just become too spoiled by other railroad trips….such as in Switzerland, Japan, and Alaska. There was an aquarium near our hotel and we were fascinated by the huge lighted octopus that enveloped the entrance to the building. They also had a miniature musically led colored water show that was fun to watch. Another item that caught my eye traversing back and forth down the main strip of Branson, were these life-size army soldiers from WWII. The light wasn’t quite right to catch them in their best, but our time was limited and I really wanted to get a few shots of the monument, which was designed and built by a man from Nebraska.

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