Branson – Promised Land Zoo

Promised Land Zoo is an interactive zoo. You can walk through a big section of it and feed the animals as you go…things like camels and goats. Lily loves birds and fell in love with the kookaburra…until I started singing the kookaburra song. There is a parakeet room you can go in and feed the parakeets. Rich and Lily did that. There is a driving section where you can see some of the larger animals and feed them from your car – deer, bison, ostriches, ponies…cattle, giraffes – a plethora of random animals from different continents. We purchased the VIP experience so we could spend some time holding, touching, and feeding animals in very small groups with their zoo staff. We got to hold a python (again, not my favorite but the things you will do for your kids), a baby kangaroo (got to hold a joey on Mother’s Day whilst really missing my own Joe), feed a sloth in its enclosure, Tim got to wrangle a baby spider monkey named Bobo, and Rich and Lily got to hold and feed two Eurasian owls. We also got a driving tour of the zoo in their big van while the driver told us about the various animals. All in all, a very cool visit. Did I think some enclosures were too small? Yes. I am used to the Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha. However, it was quite evident that the people that worked there loved the animals and they were well cared for. The joey’s name was Reuben. He was so stinkin’ cute! If Joe and Michelle would have been there with us, I can guarantee Joe would have left trying to convince Michelle they needed a baby kangaroo. He loved animals, so being there on Mother’s Day was special…and to be able to see the smiles on Tim, Lily, and Rich’s faces were awesome. For the photographer in me, it was great. I had a bucket list of taking photos of owls. Being able to take photos of sloths and baby kangaroos weren’t even on my radar….but I loved every moment of it.

One thought on “Branson – Promised Land Zoo

  1. I’m glad you got to seeing a Joey on Mother’s Day. Not as priceless as Joe but a nice reminder


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