Trip Home from Texas

I am a sucker for anything that catches my eye when I am alone in the car with a camera on a road trip. It is a two-day drive from Houston to Omaha, and I spent the best of it finding things to take photos of. I took photos of all sorts of animals in bluebonnet fields…Texas Longhorn cattle, some weird water buffalo-looking cattle, cattle-cattle, two random llamas, horses, swans, and an egret/crane (I honestly don’t know the difference). What I didn’t see was any snakes (and I looked hard because they are evidently all over those bluebonnet fields). Yikes. I don’t do snakes. Pig skulls yes…snakes – that’s a hard pass. Joe once owned a white corn snake named Cora. I wouldn’t go into his house in Warrensburg, MO when he had her out. Yep. Would rather sweat in the humid, hot sun of Missouri in the summer than be inside with a snake draped around Lily’s neck. Nope, nope, nope. I was told over and over again to watch for snakes (especially rattlers) and red ants. Found the red ant hills. Avoided those. I don’t think I got any photos in Oklahoma this time. I hit the jackpot in Kansas though. I stayed in Wichita, KS in a hotel and was on my way home on the highway when I had the strong urge to pull over on the highway and check and see if there were any highland cattle farms nearby. This is also a bucket list of mine…to be able to take photos of highland cattle. I had looked in a few states but not found any place close. Well, I was 45 minutes (in the wrong direction of course) from a Highland Cattle farm. I drove there, knocked on their door and asked if I could walk their farm fence and take photos. They were very happy to let me. They even said I could go into the pasture if I wanted to. She assured me they wouldn’t charge and gore me. Well, that hadn’t even crossed my mind until she mentioned it! Anyhow, it wasn’t necessary because I got lots of good shots from the electric fence…and managed to not get too distracted and touch it. So here is another big photo dump…but these are mostly of animals and they are cute!

These longhorns were talking to the “ladies” (regular cows) on the other side of the fence.
Is this a water buffalo/cow mix? I don’t know!
This longhorn was wondering alone in the woods
So pretty with the bluebonnets and evening primrose flowers
Such a beautiful horse!
And a random llama…
A field of hot pink phlox near Round Top, TX
Bluebonnets and Painted Indian Brush as far as you could see
Longhorn momma and her baby
Playing peekaboo with me and my camera
Getting braver with a friend nearby
These three will be triple trouble soon!
This was in someone’s yard…it was too pretty to pass by
another beauty I stumbled upon
The perfect Texas spring photo!
There were two donkeys and they were adorable!
Haw!! (love this photo – it makes me smile)
If you have spent time with horses…can’t you just feel the velvet on her face?
This was a draft horse and one of the biggest horses I have seen. I had to reach up to just rub her should joint.
Another message I wanted to share
This field in Ennis, TX was amazing
Swans and on the bridge is the egret/crane bird.
There were many other photographers there with me. I was telling one of them that if I lived there, I would always be out on that bench.
such a beautiful scene
This little calf was adorable!
A little cutie
had to pull over off the highway to take this sunset shot of the windmills
Then the true sunset…
highland calf nursing

This is how I feel somedays….
nibbling on greens

3 thoughts on “Trip Home from Texas

  1. I just LOVE seeing your photos!! You have such a way of framing the focal point! Loved the llama, the donkeys, the velvet nose, the long-horned cattle – some of them really had long horns!!, the mama and baby longhorn, the horse in the field, and so many more… just beautiful!! Thanks so much for sharing your gift of photography! It brings me a lot of smiles!


  2. I always love your photos! There’s a place out on Redstone Rd that has a mix of cattle, including a few Highlands. I love their look!


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