Texas in April

I spent a few days with my parents in the last week…celebrating my mom’s birthday and attending my first ever NBA game to watch the Atlanta Hawks destroy the Houston Rockets during the last game of the regular season with my brother, Craig, and his family. Unexpected surprise was that Hakeem Olajuwon was in the house. That made the Rockets’ loss a bit more palatable. I took my time getting to my parents’ house driving down there from Omaha. I took the road less travelled and hit several country gravel roads because they just looked inviting off the highway. I usually have pretty good luck on these roads. I can go as fast or as slow as I like and take my time looking around and stopping for photos. These off-the-highway excursions didn’t disappoint. I even found an intact animal skull amongst the blue bonnets on the side of a country road that I put in a gallon zip lock bag and brought home to Lily. Yep…no hair bows for that girl….an animal skull is more her cup of tea. Her high school science teacher helped her figure out that it was a pig skull and he thought it was “quite a find!”. At least someone thinks I am cool. I showed it to my nephew, Alex, and he was not as impressed. He couldn’t believe I touched it, let alone picked it up to bring it back with me. Lily and Rich have been soaking and cleaning it so Lily can do something with it…yet to be decided. One of the days I was in Houston, I packed up my mom and dad into my car and took them on an outing to go find some Texas wildflowers. Bluebonnets were on my bucket list to photograph, and they bloomed really late this year, so I was able to get them at their peak. There were also fields of Indian Paintbrush (orange flowers), coreopsis (the yellow flowers – also called tickseed), and a pretty light pink flower called evening primrose. I also found a beautiful bunch of lavender wisteria. That was gorgeous and smelled so good…but attracted a lot of bees! My parents had only really seen the bluebonnets on the side of the road in patches over the last 8 years of them living in Texas. I did some research on good places to go and we found huge fields full of flowers. It was a nice drive and beautiful scenery. Another photo bucket list item checked off! So my next few posts will all be photo dumps mainly….so be patient with me.

St. Peter’s Church in Nebraska
An apt message for Easter and for our family
A bee in your bonnet – Texas bluebonnet!

A hidden field of bluebonnets off a gravel road
country roads are the best
playing peekaboo over mom
Texas Bluebonnets
Another country road…
Country roads and Texas Bluebonnets….bonus!
the infamous skull finding!
I could look at this forever….
A field of Indian Paintbrush
I did lose some skin from some brambles peeking into this field of bluebonnets
Bluebonnets for as far as you can see…
The prettiest fields had both Bluebonnets and Indian Paintbrushes mixed together
Lots of random wildflowers under the American flag
So very pretty!

Just a small little close up of Wisteria – found in a parking lot of a Food Saver’s grocery store!
Evening Primrose
Indian Paintbrush field
A barn and bluebonnets…
Acres and acres of wild flowers!
Close up of the bluebonnets and Indian Paintbrushes
The smell was amazing!
A true Texas spring photo
And even more Texas!
Salem Lutheran Church
Navasota, Texas
Taken from behind the Volunteer Fire Dept
Mom and Dad with the Texas wildflowers and Salem Lutheran Church
A cow pasture with wildflowers
The fields were so vibrant
“Every wildflower field needs a John Deere Tractor in it.” – Craig (my brother)
So I took a few photos for him…
I am partial to haybales…
So I took a few with haybales as well!
A field of coreopsis – tickseed
A close up of these pretty flowers
How pretty is this?
Close upss
I love trees…and these drew my eye to them
Fell in love with this wee one!
What a sweet face. He was missing his momma…they were all in another field
Going to find mom…
I would walk this country road everyday if I could.

3 thoughts on “Texas in April

  1. The photos are stunning and the views look spectacular! Such beauty! Glad you had a good trip and able to spend some time with mom and dad.


  2. Lily and I both think you are cool beyond words. I want to be like you when I grow up. So glad God gave me you as a role model


  3. What an eye for beauty! Thank you for sharing. You even managed to make the skull look fascinating and not gross. Nicely done. Hahahha! 💚


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