Some Days are Harder than Others

Today was a hard day. I actually am in a much better head space right now but the middle of my day was pretty hard. Joe was an adult. He was married to the love of his life and lived in KC. I am so lucky that I took so many photos of him…because I have those…but today in the mail, I received a lock of his hair that the mortuary in Colorado cut for us before he was cremated. The last day I saw Joe in person was on my birthday, February 15th. He drove up to surprise me the night prior. His hair was so long and curly on the top…I totally made fun of how he looked…like an alpaca. I even sent a photo to Michelle of him that morning. He still hadn’t gotten it cut a few weeks later, because drill weekend was another week away. Thank heaven for those long locks on top, as we were able to get a good piece of it. If he had been within regulations with the army…maybe not. It was hard to see his hair in a plastic baggy…knowing this is what I physically had left of my first born son. I went out and got something a little bit better than a ziploc with his name, birthdate, death date and case number on it. So today was kind of a hard day. Sometimes things just hit a momma’s heart just right and this was it.

4 thoughts on “Some Days are Harder than Others

  1. There’s a tragic irony here. Do you still have a lock of hair from his first haircut? I would never have thought of saving a lock of hair before cremation, but it’s really a nice idea.
    Sending you a big hug!


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