A Few Zoo Pictures

If you have ever been to Omaha, you know that we have one of the best kept secrets….one of the world’s best zoos. The Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium is an amazing place to go and just wander around for hours….days even. When we first moved here, the kids and I would go and explore the zoo several times during the summer. We all had such a great time…even in the sweltering heat. All of my kids have always loved going to the zoo. Both Joe and Tim wanted to be zoologists for several years growing up. My boys grew up watching and idolizing men like Steve Irwin and the Kratts Brothers. We went to the zoo in Beijing when we were in China to adopt Lily and actually left a bit early because Joe was so upset over the white Bengal tigers in empty cages. This is my 12 year old Joe at the time, crying for the sad life these animals were living. So when around the time Joe died, I got a flurry of Henry Doorly Zoo ads in my email in box and in my mailbox, I took that as a sign that we needed to re-invest our interest and money in the zoo. There were 2 elephants born at the zoo for the first time ever at the beginning of 2022. They need toys and special equipment and extra vet care. The zoo also supports many wildlife projects in Africa to keep animals surviving in the wild. So right before we went to Kansas City for Joe’s services last weekend, we went to the zoo. We gave a sizeable donation and became patrons of the zoo. We have also given to the baby elephant fund in Joe’s name. I think he would have liked that. We had Tim with us and Tammie, Rich’s sister. Unfortunately, it was Omaha Public School’s spring break and ALL of Omaha seemed to come out on an uncommonly warm and sunny spring day. We only stayed a few hours because, honestly, it was a zoo….pardon the pun. It was way more people than I wanted to be with at the moment (or ever). But I did take my camera with me and shot a few photos I would like to share. I think Joe would have liked these since he just loved animals. I hope to go back again soon when the weather is awful and I have the place to myself more.

6 thoughts on “A Few Zoo Pictures

  1. These are beautiful pictures Cyndi. You have quite a talent. Thank you sharing you. What a wonderful tribute to Joe.


  2. We only go to the zoo on days we think it might not be crowded too. These are beautiful photos and I’m glad you are donating to the animals for Joe. Love to you.


  3. You have such an eye for photography! These pictures really warm my heart! Let me know if you ever need a friend to go with you to the zoo!!!


  4. Were you there on Wednesday, March 16th? WE drove over form central Iowa with the grandkids, who were also on Spring Break) and I wished we had picked another day. It was a zoo!! If you were there, I wish I would have run into you so I could give you a hug. I love the zoo so much, I renewed my membership, because the drive is worth it! Your photos are amazing! I saw the male lion in the same location and took a photo. Mine looks pathetic compared to yours.


  5. These are great photos, as usual! I feel like you captured the personality of the apes in particular. Thanks for sharing these and for supporting the zoo!


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