Photo 52…catch up

I was all set to do this challenge of a photo per week and my world was dumped upside down with a LOT of travel. Luckily I was driving and all the camera gear could come with me! I am playing catch up now. I had too many photos to choose from! Anyhow, I realize I only had put week one in….and we are in week seven now. So here are weeks 2-6! Eeks! It is already Friday and I need to get a photo done for this week! Okey Dokey! Gotta brainstorm a bit on this one!

Week 2 – probably in one of the vowel states…driving home towards Nebraska from West Virginia. I loved how the sun was filtering through the clouds to shine down on this farm. It was like God was just reaching down to give that farming family a little love!
Week #3 Sequoia National Park – the sun setting above the clouds. It was so spectacular!
Week #4 – Sunset at Arches National Park in Moab, Utah. The sky was so colorful and the sunlight on the red rocks made them glow. The sprinkling of white snow just made it even better!
Week #5 Gavin’s Point Dam in Yankton, South Dakota. Just a beautiful bald eagle looking for an afternoon snack

Week#6 A bald eagle watching the world go by from his perch on a tree…taken in Omaha, NE

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