So my husband, as a former Air Force pilot, really loves bald eagles. He can spot them so easily and I have more than once nearly gotten whiplash when he has slammed on the brakes to see if that clump in the trees is actually a bald eagle. Nine out of ten, it is. He has eagle eyes. (see what I did there…) Nebraska actually has a large population of migratory eagles. There are a lot of eagles that nest here in our cold winters (which I guess they prefer). Who knew? There are places in the Omaha metro that you can spot bald eagles. You can also choose to travel to locations with dams especially, that eagles like to hang out at in large groups this time of year. So below I have some photos of bald eagles. Some don’t look like bald eagles because they are fledglings…teenagers. They don’t get their classical look of a white head and tail feathers until they are about 4 years old. Some of these photos were taken locally and many were taken at the Gavin’s Point Dam in Yankton, SD, on the border of Nebraska. All of them were taken in the bitter cold, because that’s when they like to be out and active. I have a very strong telephoto lens that I use for these shots. Obviously it is easier when they are sitting still versus flying!

3 thoughts on “Eagles

  1. So majestic! You really captured some great photos in flight! I would think that would be so difficult to do. I really like those closeups…. it’s so cool to see each feather, the coloration, and the look …. the eagle eye!


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