West Virginia and the Vowel States

Most of the states I had to travel through to get to Tim and back home I call the vowel states. You know….Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio….gotta throw in Pennsylvania and West Virginia, but I was barely in those states! Anyhow, Tim had some errands to run during the day and a half I was there, so I went out and about searching for something interesting to photograph. Other photos are from the vowels states I drove through and random cool things I saw on the drive….which was really long! I had to stop due to white out conditions on the way out there…but we drove the whole way back in one day to beat a snow storm in Nebraska. He only spent 6 months in Morgantown, West Virginia, but he worked very hard, came out with a master’s degree and a job offer at Stanford, CA!

Don Knotts is from Morgantown, WV!
I found a covered bridge a little off the beaten path. Shared it with a barn cat from the neighborhood farm.

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