Park City, Utah

I told you before that after Tim and I took a 2-day break and let a snow storm pass by, we gathered up Lily and Rich and then tag-teamed it to Park City, Utah. That was another long drive…13 hours. We stayed the next day to allow Rich and Tim to ski and Lily and I went to the Ice Castle nearby and to photograph some places nearby I had heard about. One is the White Barn (or McPolin barn) and then nearer to the ice castle, Tate Barn. I had a great day tootling around the area with Lily. We ate at a little hole in the wall place that had an entire wall of painted chalk board filled with all the sandwich selections. I tried something different. It isn’t something that I would make at home necessarily, but it was different. Take a slice of brown whole wheat bread, put some thinly sliced turkey on it, top with thinly sliced green Granny Smith apples (raw) and top it with provolone cheese and put it in a toaster oven until the cheese is all melty. Very interesting taste and texture. Not bad…just different. We all had a great day and a much-needed break from the car! The first few shots are from our drive from Nebraska to Utah.

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