Park City, Utah

Our first stop was in Park City, Utah….a 13 hour drive from Omaha. It was a long day, but we took the next day off to allow Tim and Rich to ski for the day in Park City. Neither had skied there before and Rich had always wanted to. Lily decided not to ski, but to spend the day with me. I had a few things I wanted to photograph in the local area, but then we made an appointment to go to see an ice castle. Evidently there are five ice castles in the U.S. – they are located in Minnesota, New York, New Hampshire, Wisconsin, and Utah. They are built with hundreds of thousands of icicles that are hand placed by ice artists. This one had only been open for 3 days, and it was super crowded as we were leaving, even though you had to sign up for certain time slots. There were ice slides, fountains, and LED lit up areas of caves. It was spectacular, and I am so glad we got to experience it together. When we entered, we had to sign a release form saying that we wouldn’t sue them if we were impaled by a falling icicle and that we wouldn’t break or lick any of the ice.

Tim and Rich accidently ended up on a black diamond mogul run to start with.
They survived and moved to another run to save their legs.
Cyndi and Lily at the ice castle

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