A Brief Stop in Folsom, CA

After leaving Park City, we drove about 10 hours to Folsom, CA, near Sacramento. We had an invitation to dinner and to stay over at a friend’s house. These friends, Karen and Dave Hawkins, are friends from quite awhile ago. Dave and Rich went to college together at the University of New Mexico and were in AFROTC together. Dave graduated the summer before I started classes at UNM, so I had heard stories about him when Rich and I were dating. When Rich and I were married waaaaay back in 1991, he had his brother, brother-in-law, and a friend stand up with him. Dave was that friend. Five months later, Rich returned the favor and was in Dave’s wedding in Sacramento in January of 1992. We had not seen Dave or Karen since their wedding. They have three grown children, as do we. They got to meet our two youngest kiddos and we got to meet their two youngest kiddos when we stayed with them. It had been 30 years almost to the day since we had seen one another and it was like so many others of our friends, we just picked up where we left off. They were terrific hosts and gave Tim some of the low down about life in the Bay area, as their oldest son lives one town over from Tim, and is about the same age. It was great getting together!

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