The Peace of Christmas

I have been out of town over the holidays so I am just going through the photographs on my camera. I have to say that I was on a race all the way up until we left on Christmas Day. That is NOT the way I like to spend my advent season. However, on Christmas Eve, the weather was abnormally warm here in Nebraska. No jacket needed! The skies were crazy cool. I was able to take some pictures of a friend and her kids as a special treat…for all of us. Then I went by our church and noticed that I would like to take some photos of the church itself and the nativity. I also was sad I was leaving my sidekick, Tallinn, on Christmas to a dogsitter, so I took a few photos of him by the tree.

3 thoughts on “The Peace of Christmas

  1. You are such a bright spot in my day! God gave you extra energy that day to do all that you did! I love your tree! And I love the pictures of Tailinn… but he looks a little sad… like he knew you were leaving the next day! I treasure you, my friend! You are a special gift from our Father!


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