Some Photos of the Local Area

This past Sunday, Rich was a real trooper and took me to a couple of places that were on my Nebraska bucket list to photograph. The first stop was the Omaha National Cemetery. It is the military cemetery in the area and has been decorated with wreaths for the Christmas season. The second stop (after stopping at the mall to sign a permission slip for Lily to FINALLY get her ears pierced) we went to the Boby Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge. For those of you NOT from the Omaha area, this is a lit pedestrian bridge between downtown Omaha, Nebraska and Council Bluffs, Iowa….over the Missouri River. There was a full moon and the sunset was pretty spectacular as well. I was able to get some really good city scape photos of the Omaha skyline. This is a bit out of my comfort zone as taking photos as it is getting dark is a challenge. Plus, the wind was blowing like crazy! The photos from on the bridge were hard even on a tripod because the bridge was vibrating in the wind. The suspension cords were shaking so bad it sounded like a freight train. I also want to mention how COLD it was…and with the wind…it wasn’t a lot of fun. Thanks to Rich who stuck it out and only said once or twice….”Are you ready to go? I can’t feel my feet!” The Troll, Omar, lives under the bridge.

One thought on “Some Photos of the Local Area

  1. Wow, Cyndi – moved by the Omaha National Cemetery photos – Lord, bless all of those who have bought us our freedom – and wowed by your venturing out of your comfort zone to take some amazing pictures of the bridge. Merry Christmas to you and your family!


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