Celebrating 50 1/2 years!

Yesterday I turned 50 1/2 years old. I figure no one really counts half years unless you are under the age of 18, over the age of 80, or have a terminal illness. Well, I fall into one of those categories so I made it to my half birthday! I celebrated by doing something I absolutely LOVE doing….taking photographs in sunflower fields with Lily. We went out to Nelson Farms in Valley, Nebraska again. This is my third year going and I absolutely love it. They set aside a few nights a week to be open during sunset hours for photographers. Lily and I tromped around the sunflower fields until it was dark last night. These are only my phone camera shots. I have yet to go through my good camera shots yet. I have been busy going through the nearly thousand photos I took in Alaska. (I would say I am blushing shamelessly stating that, but wow, it was just so much to take in while we were there!) Those photos will come soon. Until then, here are some sunflower photos with Lily and me. I wore my purple shirt as Leiomyosarcoma’s symbols are the sunflower and a purple ribbon. I decided to just embrace it.

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