Another Goal Achieved….Happy 30th Anniversary!

Rich and I were married on a hot summer’s day in Alexandria, Virginia, 30 years ago today. We come from two very different family dynamics and we were pretty young when we said, “I do”….but it has stuck – for three decades. We have raised three fantastic kids…in three wonderful countries. We have traveled to over 40 countries together and 49 states (that pesky Oregon will get checked off at some point). We have lived through deployments….surgeries….starting a new business from scratch….and cancer treatments. We have agreed about a lot and learned to agree to disagree about some things too. We are still standing and we still love each other.

Today we went to the Master’s Hand in Tekamah, Nebraska and had cinnamon rolls for lunch. We enjoyed a quiet day together and then went out to eat at Brothers Sebastien for steaks. It was our first time there and we’ll be back again! It is set up like an old, dark monastery. It was pretty cool. We had well wishes from our kids, brothers, and parents….and many other friends and family from around the globe. Thanks! We laughed that 30 years ago, we left our reception starving because we didn’t get a chance to eat. We got to the hotel and ordered a pizza from Dominos. Tonight, Tim started his first shift as a Dominos pizza delivery man for his paying side gig whilst doing his internship in West Virginia. It all came full circle!

Going to have to think up what the next goal should be! Suggestions?

2 thoughts on “Another Goal Achieved….Happy 30th Anniversary!

  1. What a wonderful way to celebrate your anniversary!! So happy for you two lovebirds! You have weathered so much together, and it has strengthened your relationship, I am sure! HAPPY HAPPY 30TH ANNIVERSARY!!!

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  2. I am so happy that you are still here to celebrate this wonderful achievement. Happy Anniversary to you both and may there be many more. I have really enjoyed all the pictures from your recent travels this year. Here’s to many more adventures.


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