Train Ride to Denali

On Sunday, we got on board the Alaskan railway system and headed north for Denali National Park. We are staying in the canyon just inside the park and we have a river flowing right behind the back of our building. It is beautiful. We have been to the “boardwalk” which is the part of “town” that has the shops and restaurants. This area was hit very hard by COVID-19 in that many places have closed and stayed that way. Princess cruise lines has several buildings and restaurants that are all closed for the second year in a row. Others just can’t find servers to work there. We highly recommend Prospector’s Pizzeria, but the wait is almost 2 hours to eat. You can get seated after a 30 minute wait, but then it is an hour wait for the pizza to be made. We ordered sandwiches last night to spend things up but I have to admit I was looking longingly at those with pizzas on their table! Most of these photos were taken on the train. The one of Lily and Rich sleeping….she bobs her head forward, and he leans his head backwards. They made me smile. There are a few last Talkeetna Lodge photos….and a photo of Curry, Alaska….which is no more. It was a 5 star resort back 70 years ago…but it burned to the ground and they never rebuilt it.

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