Denali Jeep Ride

I don’t know when I will have the opportunity to post again before we leave…hopefully I will, but perhaps not. I wanted to put our photos from this morning out for you to look at. We went on a jeep tour of old Denali highway. This is not in the park itself, but a dirt road that runs alongside the Nenana River. Our guide, Jeff, was originally from Brainerd, MN and really had a lot to teach us about the area. It was a full morning! Our only issue was that didn’t see any wildlife at all! Fingers crossed for tomorrow on the 13 hour bus tour of Denali National Park! So there were several different colored jeeps with our guide in the front. He talked over the CB radio to us and we stopped several places along the way to get photos. We got several family photos but they are either on my good camera or on Jeff’s phone…who will email them to us later today. Tonight we will be going on an ATV ride through a creek bed. Should be fun! Tomorrow, as I said, we are riding in a bus for 13 hours deep into Denali. The next day we ride the train most of the day back to Anchorage to head home and back to reality on Thursday. Thanks for following our journey with us!

One thought on “Denali Jeep Ride

  1. We loved going to Alaska 3 times while Andrew and Rynae were stationed in Fairbanks. It’s just incredibly beautiful! Some people say it’s like Colorado on steroids , which I thought was a pretty good description 🙂


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