College World Series of Baseball

Okay folks, I am playing catch up now! Nothing bad has happened…I have just been out living my best life and got behind on posting here! Here are some pictures from our game at CWS. For those of you not from Omaha, the College World Series of Baseball is played here in Omaha during the last third of the month of June. The top 12 college baseball teams meet together to play in a tournament to see who is crowned the best in college baseball. We ended up going to one of the first days of play. Rich then took a coworker and went to game 3 of the finals and watched the Mississippi State Bulldogs win the national title. The CWS tournament has been played in Omaha since 1950. It was sorely missed last year when it was cancelled due to COVID. We have a huge influx of visitors from the fan base of the teams who come to compete and also just baseball enthusiasts from all over. We had the pleasure of meeting lots of out-of-state visitors at our store looking to buy baseball gear. (They know where to go to get the best deals!) We had hot dogs and dippin’ dots and had a fantastic time cheering these young men on! If you ever get a chance to go, you should! It is such a fabulous time and we try to go to at least one game every year. It is called (appropriately) “The Greatest Show on Dirt.”

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