A Trip to the Emerald Coast – Destin, Florida

We recently returned from a week-long trip to Destin, Florida. Rich’s parents live there and his sister and some of her family live close by as well. Rich’s brother and his family caravanned down and we had some nephews fly in from New England and Washington state as well as Tim from Colorado. Joe and Michelle, my oldest son and daughter-in-law had to do the adulting thing and couldn’t get off of work this time and they were missed. At any one time there were 20+ of the Messina Clan out and about terrorizing the area. We had a great time. It did rain several times but we never had a wash out day while we were there. We ate together for most meals and I, personally, managed to be in some form of water such as the ocean, the bay, or a pool for all but one day. My suit came home wrapped in a plastic bag because it was still wet. That is how it should be! It is hard to believe that the youngest in the clan right now is going into 8th grade. Mom and Dad Messina celebrated their 55th wedding anniversary on April 1st. The last time we all got together like this in Florida was for their 50th. I am only sharing pictures from my phone right now. I have yet to go through my camera and edit those photos. We were on the beach for a full moon and we were also in a wonderful location for sunsets. My Aunt Susan lives about an hour or so away in Florala, AL, and we were able to get together for dinner one night as well. It was a really nice trip and I am still finding sand in my purse…in the suitcases…all sorts of places. At least it is the soft, white, sugary sand! Rich and Lily will be going back for Labor Day this year. Rich and I have decided that we are going to make a bigger effort to see our folks more often. My folks are heading up to Omaha in September! Should be a wonderful time for a visit! They can experience was Husker Nation is all about! Here are some random shots during our stay in Florida.

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